Parish Council

The members of Newton-in-Bowland Parish Council are

Cllr Martin Beattie (Chairman)

Cllr Richard Thornber (Vice Chairman)

Cllr John Bennett

Cllr Brian Dixon

Cllr Richard Whitaker

The Clerk is Mrs Sandra Pinder

The Parish Council meeting due on 12th May has had to be rearranged due to government legislation. For the last 12 months due to Covid-19 we were able to meet via remote means however from 7th May we will be unable to do so and our meetings need to be held physically.

Due to this change, running alongside the current covid rules the plan is to hold the meeting on Wednesday 26th May at 7.30pm in Newton Village Hall.

The meeting is open to everyone, but we ask if anyone wishes to attend they let us know in advance, so that we can adhere to the distancing rules.

Please let the clerk know if there are any items to go onto the agenda and if there are any changes to the meeting we will let you know in advance

If anyone has anything to be put to the Council or wishes to sit in on the meeting please contact Sandra Tel 01200 448289 or email


The Haweswater Aqueduct supplies fresh drinking water to people in Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. To ensure that we can secure the quality and resilience of these water supplies, vital work is required to replace six sections of the pipeline amounting to one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the North of England.

We have been busy consulting with local authorities, councillors, communities and their representatives about our plans as part of our pre-application consultation, including physical exhibitions and an online virtual exhibition, engaging with over 12,500 people and receiving over 2000 feedback responses. We would like to say a big thank to everyone who took part!

Taking into consideration the feedback we have received as much as possible, we have now developed our latest proposed plans for the Bowland and Marl Hill sections which you can view by visiting the updated section of our virtual exhibition at

We are also running a live webinar on Thursday 3 June at 6pm, where members of our team will be talking through our latest plans and the virtual exhibition updates. If you would like to join this event you can register by visiting the virtual exhibition home page and following the online instructions.  

We will be submitting planning applications for these latest plans to Ribble Valley Borough Council and Lancaster City Council later in June 2021.

Best wishes,

HARP Stakeholder Relations

United Utilities have submitted their Environmental Impact Assesment to Ribble Valley Borough Council for the upcoming HARP. If you would like to see the proposals please copy and paste the link below to your browser

The parish council will look at these proposals at their meeting next week. If there are any comments you would like to make please let me know. Whilst we are able to make comments on the appraisal the parish council are not formally being consulted by the council at this stage.

The main reason for this addendum to the previous scoping request in 2019 is due to the introduction of a new haul route around Waddington.

To save any confusion our PC meeting due tonight, 10th February has been postponed until next Wednesday 17th Feb, so if you have any comments on this or any other item please let me know so that I can place it on the agenda

The newsletter below has been circulated to all residents advising them of the possibility of B4RN extending their fibre optic broadband service to our area and to inform them of the positioning of the defibrillator on the walls of the village hall

Newsletter 5th February 2017

Declaration of acceptance office, Register of Members interests, Agendas and Minutes from previous Parish Council meetings are listed below and when clicked a pdf document will open in another window.


Cllr John Bennett

Cllr Richard Whitaker

Cllr Brian Dixon

Cllr Richard Thornber

Cllr Martin Beattie


Cllr John Bennett

Cllr Richard Whitaker

Cllr Brian Dixon

Cllr Richard Thornber

Cllr Martin Beattie


Annual Meeting 26th May 2021

Annual Meeting 26th May 2021 – Agenda

Meeting 17th February 2021

Meeting 17th February 2021 – Agenda

Meeting 25th November 2020

Meeting 25th November 2020 – Agenda

Meeting 18th November 2020 – UU Update

Meeting 12th August 2020

Meeting 26th February 2020 – UU Update

Meeting 26th February 2020

Meeting 13th November 2019

Meeting 13th November 2019 – Agenda

Meeting 25th September 2019

Meeting 25th September 2019 – Agenda

Annual Meeting 22nd May 2019

Meeting 13th February 2019

Meeting 13th February 2019 – Agenda

Meeting 14th November 2018

Meeting 14th November 2018 – Agenda

Meeting 26th September 2018

Agenda 26th September 2018

Annual Meeting 16th May 2018 – Minutes

Annual Meeting 2018

Meeting 14th February 2018

Meeting 30th November 2017

Meeting 20th September 2017

Annual meeting 17th May 2017

Annual Meeting 17th May 2017- Agenda

Meeting 22nd February 2017

Agenda 22nd February 2017

Meeting 30th November 2016

Meeting 21st September 2016

Meeting 18th May 2016

Annual Meeting 24th February 2016

Meeting 18th November 2015

Meeting 16th September 2015

Meeting 4th June 2015

Annual meeting 5th March 2015

Parish Council Minutes 20/11/2008

The annual accounting statements and annual governance statements are shown below


Certificate of Exemption

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statement

Internal Audit

Bank Reconciliation

Explanation of variances

Notice of Rights 2021

Public Rights


Certificate of exemption

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting statement

Bank Reconcilliation

Explanation of Variances

Internal Audit

Public Rights

A summary of your rights 2020


Certificate of Exemption

Annual internal Audit report 2019

Annual Governance Statement 2018/2019

Accounting Statement 2019

Bank Reconciliation 2019

Explanation of variation

Local Authority Accounts – A summary of your rights

Public Rights 2019


Certificate of Exemption 2017-2018

Public Rights 2018

Local Authority Accounts – A summary of your rights

Annual Governance Statement 2017-2018

Accounting Statement 2017-2018

Annual Internal Audit 2017-2018

Bank Reconciliation 2018

Audit 2017-2018 Explanations


Annual Governance Statement 2016-2017

Accounting Statement 2016-2017

Internal Audit 2016-2017

Summary of Electors’ Rights

If anyone wishes to inspect these accounts they will be available between 5th June and 14th July.  Please contact Mrs Pinder Tel 01200 448289


Annual governance statement 2015-2016

Accounting statement 2015-2016

Conclusion of Audit

Bank Reconciliation 31 March 2016

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