Please see below a link to the scoping assesment application submitted to RVBC by United Utilities for the Marl Hill Section of the HARP.

Please note that the name may be somewhat confusing as it is not going through marl Hill Area on Easington Road but going through Waddington Fell towards Waddington

If there are any comments to raise feel free to do so

Please click here for the link.


Click here to see the latest consumer alert notification from LCC


United Utilities have submitted their Environmental Impact Assesment to Ribble Valley Borough Council for the upcoming HARP. If you would like to see the proposals please click the link below


The parish council will look at these proposals at their meeting next week. If there are any comments you would like to make please let Sandra know. Whilst we are able to make comments on the appraisal the parish council are not formally being consulted by the council at this stage.

The main reason for this addendum to the previous scoping request in 2019 is due to the introduction of a new haul route around Waddington.

To save any confusion our PC meeting due tonight has been postponed until next Wednesday 17th Feb, so if you have any comments on this or any other item please let Sandra know so that they can be placed on the agenda


The next meeting for Newton Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 10th February at 7.30pm via Microsoft Teams.

If there is anything you would like adding to the agenda please let the clerk know by Saturday 6th Feb, this can include anything to do with the parish whether it is the upcoming HARP project proposed by UU, the state of the roads, gritting, public footpaths etc.

As always these meetings are open to the public so If you would like to sit in on the meeting please let Sandra know and a link will be sent.

Email newtonpc@boarsdenfarm.plus.com


There was some illegal flytipping on Dunsop Road Newton this morning 20th May.

Ribble Valley Borough Council have been informed and they will arrange for its removal. If anyone sees anything in the future please contact Sandra Tel 01200 448289 or ring the council direct Tel 01200 425111

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