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Haweswater Aqueduct Resilience Programme (HARP) – Ribble Valley Borough Council

The planning committee met on 16 March 2023 to discuss plan number 3/2021/0660 and 3/2021/0661. this is the link to the agenda:

Agenda for Planning and Development on Thursday, 9th March, 2023, 6.30 pm | Ribble Valley Borough Council 

The Secretary of State has decided not to call-in the HARP planning application. This means that they are satisfied that the decision should be made by RVBC; the reason they have given is that current political policy is to give more decision making to local authorities and no other reason. The negotiated contract details will take place between the Director of Economic Development and Planning and United Utilities.

I would like to confirm on behalf of all members of The Parish Council, that we remain strongly opposed to the current plan for HARP, and will do all we can to push for changes that will reduce the impact of the scheme on Newton, and the wider communities and landscape of the AONB.


Best regards

Chair, Newton in Bowland Parish Council




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